“We make ourselves and others smile using ukuleles, we improve our skills, and we share our music to provide a positive impact on the world.”

  – Purpose of DMUS, July 2017

We have come to realize that if we get the smiles, everything else takes care of itself. Please come visit one of our meetings. We welcome beginners as well as accomplished professionals. You will have fun!

When I moved to Memphis in August 2021, I split DMUS into two separate parts. “DMUS Live” meets in person in the Des Moines, Iowa area and “DMUS International” only meets online using Zoom. We meet on different nights so that members can attend both DMUS Live in-person meetings and DMUS International online Zoom meetings.

Details on our website explain how you can visit our DMUS International meetings using Zoom and our DMUS Live meetings in-person. You are welcome to participate or to just listen and watch. If you would like to view or participate in our international online Zoom meetings, see our Next Zoom page. See our Next Live page if you would like to participate in-person in a DMUS Live meeting.

Make the world a better place!

Our club is self-funded. On occasions where we get paid, perhaps for a live performance, we donate the entire proceeds to the Ukulele Kids Club.

“Music heals!”

A hospital can be a scary place, especially to a child. The Ukulele Kids Club exists to help.

The UKC is an international charity that has helped thousands of children around the world to overcome the stress, anxiety and health challenges of serious health conditions.

Here is their mission: “We harness the power of music to improve the well being of children and families around the world. Through ukuleles and the support of music therapy, we give the gift of music for life.”

If you would like to support the Ukulele Kids Club, see https://theukc.org.

Ukuleles and koa

Many of the finest ukuleles are made from koa. Koa is native to Hawaii and grows nowhere else in the world. Today, our koa forests are at risk of disappearing if we don’t take action together to replace the trees we use.

To support well organized efforts to keep koa plentiful in the future, I made a $50 donation to the Reforest Hawaii project in honor of DMUS. If you would like to add your support to this worthy cause, see https://reforesthawaii.org/.