Would you like to receive DMUS International email notifications?

Being a member simply means that you will receive email reminders about meeting and special events. The purpose of being a member is so we can get to know you as you participate in our activities; however, you are welcome to become a member just so you can see our emails.

If at some point you no longer want to be a member, simply send a response to one of the emails from us stating your wishes.

If you want to become a member, please enter your name and email address below or send an email to

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What about member privacy?

Our sole intent in collecting member names and email addresses is so we can include you in our periodic emails to members, usually at least once a week. You can also attend a meeting and sign up to receive our emails there.

Is there a greater risk when you sign up online? Of course there is. This is the internet and we maintain our site through volunteer work. We do use professional tools and diligently try to prevent any compromises impacting information we collect. We believe that our site is safer than most.